Are You Psychic?

Cup of tea Absolutely. But most people have the ability to develop their psychic skills further.

You have probably heard the new age adage that everything in this world is connected. But what does that actually mean? Like so many new age sayings it seems to say everything and nothing, but its meaning is deceptively simple.

We are connected everytime we think about each other, and we are connected on a psychic level everytime we pass one another in the street.

Everytime you think of a particular person, you are psychically connected with that person for that moment. If they are are particularly sensitive they may pick up on this. Perhaps you have already experienced the common feeling when somebody phones you after a long absence, you burst out spontaneously with the statement that: "I was just thinking about you". That is why actively hating somebody is the worst thing you can do because it makes sure that you are still bound to that person. So if you really do not like a person, do not tie yourself to them by thinking about them all the time.

Those hunches we all get...

Many people have a feeling that the phone is about to ring a second before it does. Or you wake up a minute before the alarm goes off, even though it has been set for an unusual time. Or you know who is on the other end of the phone before you answer it. Perhaps like me you get the strong feeling a certain letter is about to arrive exactly at the time it was sent, not just the time it arrives. You are not just picking up on the letter itself, you are also picking up the intention of the person posting the letter a couple of days before.

But what is your normal understandable reaction to the above statements? ... "It's just coincidence, nothing more. There is no rational explanation." You write it off completely and never learn to trust these natural occurrences of you own psychic sense.

Even though these examples are small and unimportant in the grand scheme of things, do not fall into the trap of discounting these whispers of your intuition. All you need to do is start believing and trusting in these tiny whispers on the edge of your conscious thought. Once you do, they will become clearer to discern from your everyday thoughts and far stronger.

What is your psychic speciality?

Now while it is true that everyone has some psychic ability, no matter how developed or undeveloped, not everyone has the same type of ability. There are some books, programs and courses that may help locate and emphasize those abilities. Here are a few I can recommend:

There are four groups of psychic ability and you may fit in one or more of them. It would be a very rare person who would be able to fit into of these groups.

The four types of psychic senses are psychic feeling, psychic intuition, psychic hearing and psychic vision.

Psychic feeling is associated with gut feelings, hunches, the area of the body around the solar plexus. Often when people have a feeling something is going to go wrong, or has gone wrong, they experience a sinking feeling here in the pit of their stomach. The feeling is quite physical although often still vague.

Sophie felt uneasy every time her husband flew on small planes for business. One day her husband called and mentioned a flight he was about to take. All of a sudden Sophie felt she couldn't breathe and was overwhelmed by a nauseous panicky feeling in her stomach. She begged him not to go but he did fly on that plane which crashed with no survivors. Psychic intuition is a sure knowledge that arrives out of nowhere. It is fleeting but certain. This is the phenomenon when you "just know" although there is no supporting evidence or logic supporting that knowledge. Even though the thought appears out of nowhere, you do not doubt it because it feels so certain, although you cannot explain it. This form of knowledge often arrives out of the blue and is unasked for.

Paul was driving on a mountainous road with a steep drop to one side. As he approached a blind curve he felt impelled to pull over as far as possible to the side of the road. As he rounded the curve a truck appeared with an illegal wide load. If he hadn't listened to his intuition and pulled over it would have been a disaster.

Some people have an affinity for psychic hearing. It is as if they are hearing inside their head just above their ears. This is also known as clairaudience. A common experience is hearing your name called out loud and very clearly although no-one else is around. Parents often hear their children minutes before the children actually call out or cry.

Tara was sleeping with her new baby when she got the shock of her life. She explains, "I was sleeping with my new baby when someone woke me up shouting my name and tapping me hard on the shoulder. I looked around but nobody was there. Then I realised I had rolled over and had been lying on the baby. That mystery voice saved my baby's life."

The most well-known psychic sense is clairvoyance, or psychic vision. When you receive psychic visions it is as if you are seeing them through your third eye, that mythical eye situated between and slightly above your eyes. But this is not as precise as movies would have you believe. Often you will just receive a flash of the vision of a single object, like a sign or a face or something fleeting like that. As soon as you concentrate and try to "see" the rest of the scene the vision disappears. Some people have a specialised for of psychic vision and can see auras (multi-coloured haloes) around people and often objects and plants as well.

A small example of psychic vision is useful for Sue whenever she drives anywhere and needs a park. First of all she is the ultimate optimist and always expects to find a park, secondly she waits to get a visual image in her mind of the empty space and lets herself drive straight to it. It works every time. She cannot explain it but she says, "I can just see it there waiting for me."


You need to be relaxed to perform at the optimal level. Physical and mental stress tightens your chest area, making breathing more difficult and affects all the muscles of your body. Energy flow throughout your body is disrupted and you will have difficulty feeling connected to anything. This energy flow has been known to the Chinese and the Indians for thousands of years. Chinese teachings refer to chi and Indian teachings refer to prana. Either way, a tight tired body doesn't help you on any level.

To reach that relaxed physical state, I find that regular yoga, meditation or tai chi practice can bring about physical relaxation and energise your body.

To reach a relaxed mental state means taking out 15 minutes to meditate. Never meditated before? Then sit in a comfortable chair and relax. What do you mean that's not meditation? It is if you don't worry about anything, don't obsess about a person or a problem. Let your thoughts drift. Think of nothing in particular. You may be very surprised by what thoughts, memories or solutions to problems pop up unexpectedly.

To feel connected to the world in general, you need to accept that, for a start, everyone and everything is connected (this can actually be quite an uncomfortable thought as we are so used to having boundaries around us). You need to accept that everything happens for a reason and that everyone has both a good side and a bad side to them. These concepts sound simplistic but are actually very difficult to accept and believe.

If you would like to develop your psychic sense:

  • accept your hunches and wait for them to be confirmed.
  • do not discredit it unless you know for sure it is not true.
  • do not bother trying to discern anything psychically if you are over-emotional, stressed out or too emotionally tied to the subject: it won't work.
  • have fun trying to anticipate what is about to happen, no pressure, just for fun.
Try honing your intuition on the Klexographie Inkblot Oracle. You'll be amazed at how well you do.

Now have a go trying to anticipate who is at the end of that phone, what might happen for you during the day. Will it be a good day or a bad one? Don't worry if you start getting nervous and doubts creep in. Relax and think about it later. As you get more used to the idea of being open to your intuition you'll find that you become naturally more psychic. Don't expect fireworks and amazing predictions. Start with the small stuff and let yourself develop naturally. If you try to force it, you'll lose it.