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Divination Using Crystals

Crystal Ball Crystallomancy, or scrying into a crystal, has been practised for thousands of years. Scrying is often done into a polished crystal surface which may be either flat or spherical (as with the stereotypical crystal ball). John Dee, the famous mystical adviser to Queen Elizabeth I, scryed into a polished disk of obsidian, a "black mirror" that had been obtained from the Aztecs. It was called a "shew-stone".

Soap Bubbles You can scry into any reflective surface, from crystal, to metal, from a liquid surface of oil, ink or water (hydromancy) to soap bubbles. Nostradamus would scry into a raised bowl of water.

Make sure your light source is placed off to the side (you don't want the light being the only image you see when you scry!) and stare into your ball, bowl, basin or mirror with a steady, calm gaze. The crystal will begin to look dull or cloudy, then after a time, will clear and images will appear.

There are two main kinds of visions that may occur — symbolic and literal. Symbolic visions need to be interpreted. You can find a list of symbols here.

Pessomancy or Psephomancy

Pebbles can be marked with symbols or colours. You can then draw them from a bag individually or draw a random number and scatter onto the ground or a chart. This form of divination is called pessomancy or psephomancy, and is a form of sortilege.


Some people prefer to divine using a number of gemstones. Ideally, the stones should be smooth and similar in size and shape. They may range from pebbles found on a beach to semiprecious stones. This form of divination is known as lithomancy. The divination is accomplished by casting the stones and interpreting the pattern in which they fall. You may either interpret the way the stones relate to each other, or where they fell in relation to a pre-drawn chart, such as a North-South-East-West chart or a chart showing the 12 astrological houses.

In the British Isles, thirteen stones are used. Seven stones represent astrological signs: the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. The remaining six stones represent the home, love, life, magic, luck and news.

Another method is to draw out a handful of stones from a bag and cast them on the ground or Gemstones onto a chart and interpret where they lie. In a spread, rose quartz would indicate love issues, amethyst spiritual issues, and red jasper (or red agate) issues involving your health.

Many people love the look and feel of polished gemstones. A list of 26 gemstones and their meanings can be found below.


Here is a basic chart of directions that can be used for a simple reading:

Future influences
Present situation
Helpful elements
Past influences

You sit here to cast the stones from a bag.

An alternate chart to use is one outlining the houses of astrology in the traditional way:


Interpretation of the Houses

First House - Personal life and appearance.
Second House - Finances and values.
Third House - Siblings, neighbours, communication, short journeys, schooling.
Fourth House - Home and family.
Fifth House - Hobbies, children, affairs, gambling.
Sixth House - Health, work, daily routines, pets, servants.
Seventh House - Partner (marriage and business).
Eighth House - Shared resources, inheritances, death, birth, other people's money.
Ninth House - Travel, religion, philosophy, higher education.
Tenth House - Career, social reputation, environment.
Eleventh House - Friends, goals, social activities, groups.
Twelfth House - Unconscious thoughts, enemies, secrets, hidden life, institutions.

Divinatory Meanings of the Crystals

It is now the time to embark on new adventures and start projects that have long been dreamt of. Step away from routine and explore new experiences. Your life is expanding now so get out there and dare to be a little different.
Amazonite is a beautiful blue/green form of feldspar. It is also known as microcline.
Amethyst warns that self-discipline and clear thinking is necessary. Focus your imagination on practical goals.
Amethyst is a common variety of quartz. In the past, Amethyst was thought to protect from intoxication.
Beware of gossip and idle chit-chat. Do not become too emotionally involved but keep a cool head and clear thoughts.
Aquamarine is a popular form of beryl associated with the sea.
Aventurine indicates is a golden opportunity to start a new venture or do things differently than before. Good luck with taking risks.
Aventurine is known as the Gambler's Stone. It has beautiful sparkling inclusions.
Perseverence and courage are needed. Do not act impulsively and you will be protected.
Also called Heliotrope, Bloodstone is a variety of chalcedony quartz. The red spots are iron oxide.
Blue Lace Agate signifies communications. Expect a phone call or email bringing news soon. Now is the time to open up the lines of communication.
Blue Lace Agate is an uncommon variety of chalcedony quartz.
Carnelian brings healing and better health. Stressful situations have been making you feel out of balance. Allow more joy, love and creative energy to enter your life.
Carnelian is a variety of quartz called chalcedony. The orange variety is also known as sard.
Citrine brings prosperity and confidence. Citrine brings the warmth of the sun into your life, not to mention material wealth.
Citrine occurs naturally quite rarely. It is usually amethyst which has been heat-treated. Where some of the purple Amethyst still remains, the resulting stone is called Ametrine.
You will be able to clearly focus on your goals. Facts come out into the open and you are able to think clearly. Stay honest and you will be able to achieve success.
Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal is a pure form of the mineral silicon dioxide.
Jasper tells you to concentrates on practical outcomes, rather than pie-in-the-sky theories. Don't waste your time with elaborate strategies when a straightforward approach is possible. Be down-to-earth and honest and you will protected against deceit.
Jasper is an opaque, microcrystalline form of quartz which takes on the colouration of the surrounding rock. It was traditionally thought to protect from snakes and other venomous creatures.
Labradorite is called the Magic Stone. A sudden change of circumstances will bring you what you want. Be very careful what you wish for as you may just get it.
Labradorite is a special variety of feldspar with beautiful iridescence.
Lapis Lazuli asks you to seek the truth and be prepare to study or do more research before acting. Be open to flashes of intuition.
Lapis Lazuli is formed of deep blue lazurite with flecks of white dolomite, gold/silver pyrite and blue sodalite.
Lepidolite highlights shame and guilt from the past that is affecting your present. Forgive yourself and others so that you can move on. The past is the past, learn from it, then move on.
Lepidolite is a natural source of lithium and often often occurs with rubellite running through it.
Malachite asks you to let go of the past. Ditch any past grudges, slights and let go of the painful memories. Otherwise you will not be able to move on to better times.
Malachite is protection against the Evil Eye in the Mediterranean.
Milky Quartz shows that the situation is murky and very frustrating. However, in this particular case the lack of clarity is advantageous and will work itself out to your advantage. Nothing can be achieved right now, so relax and wait for the situation to resolve itself naturally.
The cloudiness of Milky Quartz is caused by minute bubbles.
Go with the flow and do not force any issues. Seek emotional balance and flexibility. Be patient and don't try to rush things.
Moonstone has a soft blue-white sheen and is associated with the Moon.
Obsidian brings hidden emotions to the surface. You can expect turbulent transformation and change which can be difficult to accept. Look for hidden factors that may be influencing your situation. Expect the unexpected.
Obsidian is a non-crystalline glass. If unpolished beware the razor sharp edges. It has been used to make magical mirrirs and for scrying. John Dee used an obsidian scrying mirror.
Peacock Ore brings good luck and desirable outcomes. It brings confidence and contentment.
Peacock Ore is also known as bornite and chalcopyrite.
Pyrite warns about decit and deception. Look beyond the surface as things are definitely not what they seem.
Pyrite is also known as "fool's gold". Pyrite will spark if struck.
Rose Quartz brings love and beauty into your life. Concentrate on your friendships and relationships for emotional well-being and support.
Rose Quartz is a rare form of quartz.
Rutilated Quartz shows that all the elements of your situation are coming together, and if they are not, then they need to brought together in harmony. Seek the support and help of a group. Do not try to go it alone.
Rutilated Quartz has fine thread-like inclusions of golden-brown or red-brown rutile.
Selenite indicates that the situation you are in is unstable, despite appearances to the contrary. You need to be prepared for problems and change. You may have to separate from somebody or something.
Selenite is a form of gypsum and is very delicate. Its beautiful lustre is formed from its long, blade-like crystals.
Smoky Quartz brings calm and patience to any situation. It may seem that nothing is happening, but underneath the surface change is underway.
Smoky Quartz has a smokey brown or grey transparency. When very dark it can appear almost black. It is quartz wehich has been exposed to radiation either from within the Earth or from ultraviolet wavelengths.
Tiger's Eye brings good luck, protection and physical energy. Your confidence will grow and real lasting success is possible.
Tiger's Eye has parallel silky fibres which catch the light and give a striking sheen to the stone. Tiger's Eye can have bands of yellow, red or even blue. Blue Tiger's Eye is also known as Hawk's Eye or Falcon's Eye.
Topaz shows that now is the time to be a leader and inspire others around you. However, do not fall into the trap of being too selfish or domineering.
Topaz can be found in a variety of colours including clear, orange, yellow, brown and brilliant blue. In Vedic astrology Topaz is the stone of Jupiter (Brihaspati).
Take care of your health and personal safety. You may need to protect your from pollution, either physical or metaphysical. Be alert and ready to deal with any problems that may arise.
Turquoise is very porous and absorbs dirts and oils. Heat and sunlight can also change its colour.

Extra Crystals:

Azurite brings resolution and allows you to finally understand all levels of a situation. It brings about transformation and awareness. It is a powerful stone which assists psychic ability and healing.
Electric-blue azurite is rare and extremely beautiful. It is usually found together with malachite.
Schorl is a stone of alignment both physically affecting the body and in your life in general. It helps adjust to the energies of each new place when travelling around the world, reducing jetlag. This stone protects from negativity by deflecting rather than absorbing that negativity.
Schorl or Black Tourmaline becomes charged electrically positive at one end, negative at the other, when heated.

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