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The Full Moon

Lunar Phases

Men and women have observed and lived by the phases of the moon for millennia. The Moon has been used for centuries in Vedic astrology in India to calculate lunar astrological charts. Even now you will find even the most conservative and "non-New Age" gardeners and farmers planting by the Moon's phases as shown in their almanacs. Refer below to find out which phase the Moon is passing through right now...

Those of us in the Southern Hemisphere will notice that the image of the moon below is a mirror image of what we actually see in the sky. The image below looks strange as it is upside down and back to front! For us, the Moon waxes from left to right! Find out more about the differences involving divination in the Southern Hemisphere.

There are 29½ days from Full Moon to Full Moon. Look on a calendar or in a diary to see the phases listed.

The cycle of Moon can be broken down into 8 stages. The first four stages are the waxing (increasing) moon and the second four stages are the waning (decreasing) moon.

Phases of the Moon as seen in the Southern Hemisphere Phases of the Moon as seen in the Southern Hemisphere Phases of the Moon as seen in the Southern Hemisphere Phases of the Moon as seen in the Southern Hemisphere Phases of the Moon as seen in the Southern Hemisphere

  • New Moon
  • First (Waxing) Crescent
  • First Quarter
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Disseminating (Waning Gibbous) Moon
  • Last Quarter
  • Balsamic (Waning Crescent) Moon

Modern followers of Wicca use the phases of the Moon in rituals. Each phase is appropriate for a certain action or reaction.

Your Mind, Body and Health and the Moon

The time from the New Moon to the First Quarter is good for initiating new plans, making deals, starting projects, looking for a new job, starting a new hobby or interest, meeting someone new. This is is a good time to start new health and beauty treatments. Have your hair cut if you want fast regrowth.

The time from the First Quarter to the Full Moon is an excellent period for promoting yourself, building on your plans, expanding on any ongoing projects. This is an excellent period for looking for things that are lost; you will have a good chance of finding them at this time.

Red Lunar Eclipse The Full Moon is the time to start concentrating on what you've achieved so far and make sure things stay on track. Take a good look at what is happening and make any adjustments that are necessary. Plan to get rid of the dead wood in your life. This is a time when matters appear to be large than life and feelings are heightened. Decisions tend to be emotionally-based at this time. Have your cut if you want it to grow back thicker.

The time from the Full Moon to the Third Quarter is the time to stocktake, look around you carefully to see what is working out and what is not. It is a good time for studying, carrying out repairs and drawing up new plans. Helathwise, this is the time to have depilatory treatments, have hair dyed, have dental work, begin a health regime. Cut your hair if you want to slow its growth.

From the Third Quarter to the New Moon is the time to leave a situation that is not working out, to get rid of things that aren't working out and to tie up any loose ends. You are getting ready for the next phase of building and creating again. This is the time to analyse any situation you are in and dispose of any elements that are not working. Get rid of clutter in your life and use the time to rest and recuperate.

To learn how to use the full moon for meditation, cleansing and renewal see my Full Moon Meditation page.