Tibetan Astrology

Dharma Wheel Tibetan Astrology is practised in two main forms. The most complex form is called White Astrology or Kar-tsi and is based on Indian Astrology. This form is not as common and is based on detailed calculations of planet positions.

The other more popular form is based on Chinese Astrology and is known as Black Astrology or Jung-tsi. This form relies on the elements and animal symbols. It follows a sixty year cycle. The Chinese calendar is said to have entered Tibet in the year 642AD by the Chinese Princess Kong-jo, who married the first Buddhist King of Tibet. The signs are as follows: Mouse, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Bird, Dog and Pig.

Tibetan Buddha The Tibetan new year is based on a fluctuating point that marks the New Moon that is nearest to the beginning of February. It is important to note that, despite their apparent similarities, the start of the Tibetan and Chinese New Years can sometimes differ by a whole month.

The Five Elements of Tibetan Astrology are Wood (Shing), Fire (Me), Earth (Sa), Iron (Lcags/Chak) and Water (Chu). These elements bear great influence in the complex Tibetan horoscope.

The Meanings of the Animals

The mouse tends to be introverted, gentle and stable. But even though he does good to others, others don't seem to respond. He appears open and relaxed, but inside he is very strong and critical. He says what he thinks. Although he is kind, he is not generous. In taking the smaller opportunities, he my miss out on the bigger ones. He is always searching.

The ox can be difficult to get with as he is slow to work and does not like following orders. He likes his sleep! Although he is usually an agreeable person, he can also behave badly if he feels pushed around. He is a procrastinator.

This sign is brave, active and bright. Tigers are proud and loyal to close relatives. Although he does show a rough exterior, he does a lot of thinking. He likes gambling and makes a good businessman.

The hare loves his independence, prefers not to ask others for their help. He can be devious and dishonest, but is always skillful. Although generous on the surface, he is quite stingy. He is vulnerable to diseases of the stomach and gall bladder.

The dragon is good-hearted although not particularly brave or active. He has a short temper, but is good minded. A talkative person, he is also prepared to listen to others. Sometimes he has trouble containing himself. He has less disease than some of the other signs but if he gets sick, it can be serious.

The snake has a bad temper. However, he has a good heart and is very optimistic. Nobody can put him down for long. The only person that can destroy is himself. He can be stubborn once his mind is made up. He is vulnerable to diseases of the stomach and liver.

The horse is powerful and capable of great effort. He is very rarely defeated. His later life is better than his younger years. He is a good listener. He always helps others and has a self-sacrificing streak. He needs little sleep. His life has a lot of ups and downs.

The sheep is quiet and not too bright. He likes to eat. He causes others no harm, but does not sacrifice himself for them either. He generally has a good attitude and is good-hearted. Always relaxed, he never rushes. Although he is not lazy, he never seems to be able to get things done on time. He is a good provider.

Monkeys can be very smart but they tend to have bad tempers. They tend to have weak constitutions. They can be closed-minded. They love to have a good time and prefer avoiding responsibility. Very ambitious and with big plans, they are prepared to lie and cheat their way to the top.

This sociable sign loves the night life, fine clothes, good company, especially of the opposite sex, and fun times. They are happy to dish out the advice but never listen to it. Possessions and inheritances slip through their fingers. They are prone to blindness.

The dog can be proud, selfish and easily roused to anger. He loves movement and action and is always thinking. He tries to do things right, but they tend turn to out bad or wrong. He loves to travel and is highly sexed. He is elegant and high-minded. He likes meat.

The pig is good at self-discipline except when it comes to food. He can be a rough character when he is amongst other rough characters, happy to lie and take advantage of others. But when he is amongst good people, he behaves nicely and kindly.

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