Face Reading Compatibility

Learning to read your partner...

Face reading has been around as long as people have been fascinated by faces. You can read the secret story of people's lives and their personality by using the ancient knowledge of face reading, palmistry and pedomancy (foot reading).

Know thyself! The style of face reading that I use is a synthesis of Western, Chinese and Indian knowledge. This knowledge has been collected and consulted for thousands of years to gain insights into an individual's personality. Your face reveals a lot more than you might be comfortable with.

Different aspects of your face cover different areas of your personality:
Your forehead shows your way of thinking.
Your eyes reveal how open you are to life and experiences.
Your nose indicates your money situation and the way you work.
Your mouth shows the way you express yourself.
Your chin indicates your level of assertiveness.
Your ears show how you interact with others.
Your lips reveal your sensuality and how you physically express yourself.

Face Shapes

There are three basic face shapes (although practice there are more divisions based on these main divisions but that would be too unwieldy for the article): ROUND, TRIANGULAR or HEART-SHAPED, and SQUARE/RECTANGULAR.

ROUND: (round face, round chin, full cheeks) A happy home life is important, like their creature comforts, don't mind luxury, friendly, people oriented, intuitive, definite values, hard-working.

TRIANGULAR/HEART-SHAPED: (large forehead, narrowing at chin area) Quick thinker, intellectual, good memory, moody, often impractical, sensitive, introspective, easily bored, looks for a sense of purpose (note: when you think triangle, think upside down triangle with the point down and widest at the top)

SQUARE/RECTANGULAR: (large jaws and chin, wide forehead) Natural leader, dynamic, always keeps active, intelligent, practical, strong-willed, physically strong, holds firm opinions.


Round woman + round man
Both aim for financial security and domestic happiness, the family is important to them both.

Round woman + triangular/heart-shaped man
This match can only succeed is she is willing to provide for her own feelings or emotional and material security and can put up with his changeable moods.

Round woman + square/rectangular man
OK partnership as long as he feels he has his freedom and she feels she is complete support at home, he likes to feel he is the boss although he lets her make the decisions, not so good in the workplace.

Triangular/heart-shaped woman + round man
This man is too easygoing to live in peace with this woman who will tend to nag and complain in the face of his complacency, despite the arguing this union does last albeit unhappily, as long as they don't work together.

Triangular/heart-shaped woman + triangular/heart-shaped man
Extremely well matched couple, but when they clash it is explosive, they share the same goals so their relationship is fairly free or tensions.

Triangular/heart-shaped woman + square/rectangular man
Magnetically drawn to each other, friction always present because they have different goals, this match brings out her jealousy.

Square/rectangular woman + round man
Works really well because man happy to let woman take the reins as decision maker and bearer of responsibility at home, this role reversal won't work in the workplace though as he won't feel comfortable with it there.

Square/rectangular woman + triangular/heart-shaped man
She'll be happy in this relationship but he won't like her running the show, she won't care what he thinks, works better in a work situation.

Square/rectangular woman + square/rectangular man
Huge attraction between these two, both are strong-willed and as long as their aims are the same this relationship is a winner, works well in the workplace as long as they have separate areas of responsibility so they don't clash both trying to run the show, if there are clashes they are explosive.

The issue of plastic surgery...

Ultimately no amount of plastic surgery will change your basic genetic blueprint or the person you are within. Just because your botox injections smooth out your forehead so that you no longer appear assertive and single-minded, doesn't mean that you have lost Liz Hurley these qualities, just hidden them. Or more precisely, you have divided your personality into two distinct personas - public and private.

Collagen lip implants? Sure, why not appear softer and sexier, thick lips denote a strong sexual appetite and a frivolous personality. Except the catch is that you are really cool, calculating and reserved.

What about an eye lift? Puffy eyelids indicate that you are impatient and critical, often unreasonably jealous. But get an eye job and suddenly you look far more patient and easy going. Too bad deep down you are seething with impatience and a highly critical disposition.

Why is this a bad thing? Simply because you give mixed messages to the people you meet. If you are acting and specking honestly, your face is telling another story. Or else acquaintances judge you by your face and are unexpectedly surprised by your actions and opinions.

So if you have ears that stick out showing that you are a non-conformist and a scholar, having them pinned back surgically just means that you'll now be a secret non-Prince Charles conformist hiding behind a public fa´┐Żade of conformity.

For example, Prince Charles' ears reveal that he is a non-conformist, a scholar, stubborn, needs lots of recognition and is drawn to strong women and he doesn't mind them being the dominant partner.

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