Your Star Child

A full astrological chart includes many different planets and points but most people are familiar with one of the most important elements of a chart — the Sun Sign. Your Sun Sign reveals your basic identity and your core personality. Have fun identifying your child (or yourself as a child) in the descriptions below...

Aries Child

If you have a little dynamo who never seems to run out of energy, then it is highly likely you have a little Ram. Aries children love adventure and find themselves in plenty of close scrapes and accidents.

At school, they may be lazy during lessons that they feel are boring although they do have a quick mind.

Even though Aries children do have a selfish side to their nature, they also have a very strong desire to please others. They love to have fun but their impulsiveness may occasionally lead to thoughtlessness.

Although Aries children need discipline, they also need plenty of freedom for self-expression and are easily crushed. Offering a challenge can be a way of inducing good behaviour. The parents of an Aries child need to realise that balance is the key here. Too much discipline will embitter the child, and too little may encourage selfishness.

Taurus Child

The Taurean baby is good-natured and content. They enjoy plenty of food and cuddles. Their love for good plain food can lead to a problem with chubbiness but it can be useful to know they are easily won over using food as a bribe. But remember a hug will work just as well as food to get your Taurean child to do what you want them to do.

Taurean children are methodical and well-organised so they are popular with their teachers but they must be allowed to develop at their own steady pace. they may be plodders but they will get there in the end. Taurean children usually have a strong musical streak.

Security is of utmost importance to these children, so they need plenty of regular cuddles and demonstrations of affection. This child is the most stubborn of the zodiac and often balks at new situations. But don't despair, once they decide to get going they jump right in.

Gemini Child

Gemini children are so friendly and approachable that they need to be educated about the possible danger of strangers. They are extremely energetic and need to be practically forced to bed. The parents of a Gemini child need to encourage consistency of effort so that projects get finished. The Gemini child happily does several things at once, jumping form one thing to another as their interest wanes and waxes. It is also important to encourage them to express their own opinions.

Gemini children will only accept discipline if the reasons for it are logically and clearly explained. The main problem will be catching these children red-handed because they are so quick. When they are caught, they are extremely contrite and will make sure they are not caught again! Many parents would describe them as half-devil, half-angel.

Gemini children love to debate an issue which canlead to arguments, especially with brothers and sisters who are less quick-minded. They can swap subjects with Mercurial swiftness and both you and the child may have trouble sorting fact from fiction.

Cancer Child

The mother plays an extremely important role in the Cancerian children's lives and they suffer a great deal if for any reason they are sent away from home. They need to be nurtured and cherished. It is agood idea to let them have a pet for them to nurture and cherish as well. They tend to stick to what is tried and true and will not venture very far out of their shell, if at all, which will annoy more outgoing parents.

Cancerian children can suffer from many fears and apprehensions which they need to be gently persuaded to talk about so that they don't worry unnecessarily. They have a wonderfully powerful imagination which should be stimulated. They can be quite courageous, especially when protecting themselves and their loved ones. Once they feel totally secure with a strong home base, these children are capable of anything.

Cancerian children have excellent memories so parents should be careful not to promise anything they cannot deliver.

Leo Child

The Leo child is the exuberant leader of games, showing off so that they wil be the centre of attention. Unless they learn to control their energy they will end up exhausted at the end of the day. Leo children are extremely creative and need to express this both during childhood and all throughout their lives, or else they will feel that something important is missing from their lives.

Because sunny Leo children love being the centre of attention and are not shy in demanding it, it is easy to forget that they have a fragile self-esteem that needs to be bolstered. So when criticising Leo children, try to mix in a great deal of tact and humour so their self-confidence doesn't take a battering.

On the one hand, Leo children can be very bossy around other children, and even towards their parents. But on the other hand, once they feel in charge, they give a good impression of benevolent monarchs bestowing gifts and favours on those around them.

Virgo Child

Virgo children are diligent, quiet, dependable and often superb mimics. They are neat and tidy at school, and are not afraid of doing classroom chores. They should be encouraged to write and usually do well at literary and associated subjects.

Emotionally, Virgo childen can be quite shy and they need the security of a lot of demonstrable love, although they may not come out and ask for it. If they do not receive the love and attention they desire, they may complain of illnesses in order to get the attention they need.

Being very inquisitive children, they will politely but painstakingly get to the heart of any matter. They love to be kept busy. If they complain of stomach aches, don't look at what they have been eating, but rather at what has been worrying them as there is usually a direct connection. Virgo children find security in routines and patterns and you will find they will train their parents accordingly!

Another thing — Virgo children never forget!

Libra Child

Libran children are beautiful children to have because they are generous, keen to please and charming. However, they can be fairly lazy due to a general lack of motivation, so often they need to be encouraged to get involved in other interests. Libran children usually love books, especially beautifully designed books. They also enjoy energetic sporting activities which bring out their competitive streak.

However, they do have trouble in coming to decisions, even over the most trivial of things. Often they may ask their parents or others to decide for them, but this shouldn't be encouraged. Help them to decide themselves by explaining all the options and working it through with them. If all else fails, make the decision yourslef and you swill find that the Libran child soon tells you whether or not he or she agrees with it!

Scorpio Child

Scorpio children have powerful emotions and can seem quite intense and moody at times. Keeping them busy can help to keep their emotions under control. They have so much energy, that if it not used constructively then it will find some other outlet, most often in a destructive manner.

Constant routine and discipline provide Scorpio children with security, but they need to have the reasons behind the rules explained to them so that they can accept them. It is very important to Scorpio children that their privacy is respected.

Scorpio children have excellent memories and are intensely curious about the world around them. They love to ask questions so even after the umpteenth question, the exasperated parent must remember that these children genuinely want to know how the world works.

Scorpio children have a natural urge to help others. They aer also extremely protective of themselves and of their loved ones.

Sagittarius Child

If you have the child with the broadest, sunniest smile in the school photos, then perhaps you are the proud parent of a Sagittarian. Hold onto your littel Archer tightly because these children love an adventure and don't mind wandering far afield to find it.

This is the eternal child who needs to be taught the difference between over-boisterousness and positive enthusiasm. In order to develop their natural breadth of vision, they need to be encouraged to take up both physical and intellectual interests. Although they need "things to do" to harness their exuberance, they do tire easily and must learn to siphon their energies into manageable and productive projects. However, Sagittarian children can be terrible procrastinators when it comes to more mundane tasks.

Their honesty and scalding frankness may need to be toned down by a large dose of tact. They can also be quite gullible. Sagittarian children will keep to rules as long as they see the reasons behind them are sensible, so if you are telling a Sagittarian child what not to do, appeal to their sense of logic.

Capricorn Child

Capricorn children can often be more conventional than their parents. It is a strange fact that Capricorn babies often don't look like babies at all, they look like little old men or ladies. As they grow older they seem to paradoxically grow younger and more carefree.

Capricorn children have deep emotions which may be kept hidden away so it is up to the parents to help them express their feelings freely.

Capricorn children are shy and very sensitive although they may hide this behind a sturdy shield of self-defence. Their musical talents should be exploited and they should be introduced to books at an early age. Outdoors fun should also be encouraged.

If the Capricorn child grumbles too much then appeal to their sense of humour (which may be quite dry). It is easy to forget how young the Capricorn child really is and give them far more responsibility than they are really ready for, because they act aso grown-up. This child likes routine very much because it forms part of his or her much needed security. So if you need to break the routine don't forget a warning or explanation.

Aquarius Child

This child can seem very different to his or her brothers and sisters. Aquarian children are creative, original and humanitarian. Although they are naturally very kind children. they need help in expressing their emotions and inner warmth, as they can easily appear remote. The Aquarius child is an extremely independent child, and can show moments of extreme stubbornness.

Their school progress can be somewhat uneven, especially when they feel they are being stifled by too much routine and too many illogical rules. Aquarian children have so much talent, even genius, which needs to be given practical application. Despite their amazing insights, often they cannot see the wood for the trees.

Aquarian children love to know how things work and especially enjoy mechanical toys which can be disassembled. Be forewarned if they get their hands on any precious household gadgets!

Pisces Child

If you have a child with an imaginary friend or two, you have a little Piscean on your hands. Little fishes are extremely emotional and quite gentle, preferring their own imaginary world to harsh reality. However, deep below lies a very strong core which allows them to achieve their goals.

Piscean children are very clever but because they are not well- suited to the discipline of the rote learning of the school system, the Piscean child may seem to be failing and lazy.

The Piscean child seems to have an ever-changing personality and may embroider the truth. They prefer to tell people what they think the other person wants to hear, rather than what they really feel, which may be seen as out and out lying.

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