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A full astrological chart includes many different planets and points but most people are familiar with one of the most important elements of a chart — the Sun Sign. Your Sun Sign reveals your basic identity and your core personality. Have fun identifying yourself in the descriptions below...

Aries Parent

Your enthusiasm and high energy level make you a marvellous parent, as you are able to inspire children who are far less assertive than yourself. You try to get the most out of having children and love to help them develop their own interests both in the home and at school. Although as a young parent, you may feel very impatient with your children at times and have a hasty temper, it soon passes over and you rarely hold a grudge. In fact, an Aries parent usually has very few problems with the generation gap between parent and child.

An Aries mother organises her time well so she can spend the maximum time with her children in various activities, but she also needs to be able to feel that she has freedom and is not trapped in the house at all. It is very important for an Aries parent to be praised and feel appreciated for their efforts by both child and partner.

Taurus Parent

A Taurean parent works hard to see that the child has access to opportunities that they never had. Although a stickler for discipline and manners, a Taurean parent is never short on cuddles. They need to watch that they explain why they are doing things and never be too dogmatic, so that the child understands. Otherwise, a generation gap could spring up quickly.

Just as Taureans tend to over-indulge themselves, they may be tempted to over-indulge their children. Since money is important to a Taurean, they like to see their children saving up their pocket money to spend on luxuries. Spending on education is seen as extremely worthwhile.

Gemini Parent

You make a lively, adaptable, sensible and positive parent who is able to present your children with a constant stream of new ideas and experiences. You can sometimes be more in touch with the current trends than your children are. When exposing your children to new ideas, you may need to make allowances for their slower grasp of concepts and not be too impatient or critical of them. You like to be able to broaden your children's minds and your home environment will be extremely stimulating.

However, constant childish chatter and repetitive noise can irritate you, and you wil need frequent breaks, especially if you are stuck at home. But usually a Gemini mother has no problems managing a family, home and a job all at once. And enjoys it!

Your children may find your lightning changes of mood bewildering, and if they are the plodding type, they may overtax your limited supply of patience. But they will be on the same wavelength as you as, in conversation, you tend to jump from topic to topic without a break. And, of course, the Gemini dad is great because he is the eternal Peter Pan.

Cancer Parent

Cancerians make excellent parents. This is the sign that represents motherhood. You are extremely nurturing and have a deep need to preserve the family unit. Taken too far this can translate into being over-protective and overly-concerned about your children's welfare, reluctant to let them become independent and move away from your sphere of influence. In response to situations involving your children you may also react from emotions rather than taking a more rational stance.

With your rich imagination, Cancerians make great storytellers and nobody gives a cuddle like a Cancerian.

Leo Parent

This is the sign that represents fatherhood. You are an enthusiastic parent who is prepared to spend a great deal on education and educational holidays. You encourage your children to use their natural talents but your enthusiasm can swamp and overwhelm quieter and more timid children.

You have to be careful not to expect too much from your children, or to live out your own desires and wishes through them. You are able to expose your children to the beauties of this planet. Overall you try to bring up your children in a straightforward and honest way.

Virgo Parent

You tend to plan your family and try to have your children arrive right when you want them. Although you can be fairly strict, expecially in matters of diet, routine and hygiene, you are a very loving parent. However, you may be a little reserved in showing your love. You are an inspired and inspiring teacher of children and are able to show them the value of duty, honesty and responsibility.

You are very keen to fill your children's lives with a great many interesting and varied activiites. You may also like to teach them to read and talk at an early age. As a Virgo parent, you like an orderly home, but you must learn to delegate chores more around the home so you don't wear yourself out.

Libra Parent

You make an easy-going parent who is able to instil good manners and the social graces in your children. You encourage them to dress nicely and follow extra-curricular interests, whilst being prepared to provide the money for these activities. You detest disharmony in the family and will often say "yes" just to keep the peace. Your indecisiveness can be very frustrating to your children when they want a quick answer, as can the "go ask your mother/father" routine. As you probably have already realised, your children soon learn to twist you round their little finger!

Scorpio Parent

You can be a strict disciplinarian, although you reward your children generously for efforts made. But you hate seeing them wasting their time and their potential. You can be quite demanding in what you expect from them and may find it difficult to relate to them if their attitude to life is very different from yours. Your relationship with your children is very tense and emotional, although you may not always be overly demonstrative. However, all your love, support and guidance is always there for them.

You are very good at intuiting what your children need, and your vivid imagination allows you entry into your children's world. The Scorpio mother has the power and intensity to comfortably and efficiently deal with a job, a family and the household all at the same time.

Sagittarius Parent

If you are a Sagittarian mum, you may secretly fear you are not up to the responsibilities fo motherhood, and if you are a Sagittarian dad, you are the archetypal reluctant father. But your natural enthusiasm and zest for life make you an ideal parent. Once you have decided to have children you will be quite sentimental about them and willing to make sacrifices for them. You are fascinated by your children's development and will want to teach them to read at an early age, but you may find a toddler's conversation and limited behaviour boring. make the effort to find time away or else your growing restlessness will make you a less good parent than you want to be. Watch out that your enthusiasm doesn't make you a little demanding of your children, especially if they don't always take advantage of all the opportunities presented to them. You can be a lot of fun as a parent since you take your job very seriously. You are keen for your children to excel and take part in many activities both in and out of school.

Capricorn Parent

Capricorn mothers may be tempted to go back to work early as they find it very hard to take the loss if income. Capricorn fathers often fall into the trap of being distant and unapproachable although they vigorously deny this. The Capricorn parent should listen to their family when he or she is told to relax and be prepared to break routine and do what the rest of the family suggests.

Even though deep down you are an emotional softie, you are very good at hiding your feelings from the rest of the world. This can give you the appearance of being cold and insensitive which is the last thing you want your family to believe.

Aquarius Parent

You are very patient with your kids and they love your talent for storytelling. The way you bring up your children may be unconventional. In fact, your children may seem more conventional than you! You listen fairly and carefuly to what your children have to say, come straight to the point and try to treat them like little adults. At times you can seem distracted, but you are full of warmth and care although you may not always like to openly express your emotions in spontaneous outbursts of warmth and physical contact.

Your children's education concerns you greatly, as well as allowing them freedom of expression. You want to bring them up to be independent and self-sufficient. The only trap that you might fall into, is assuming your children see life in exactly the same way as you do.

Pisces Parent

Although at times you are a little too easy-going and may lack discipline, you make a wonderful parent. This is because you are able to understand your child's world because you never truly left it. You are prepared to do everything possible to help your child realise their potential, gving them encouragement and support. If your child is particularly successful, you must not make the mistake of living your life through them.

Clever young children usually have no problem twisting you around their little finger. However, make sure that you never allow yourself to become a doormat for your children or partner.

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