Mayan Astrology

Mayan glyph The Mayans used two calendars: the tzolk'in or Sacred Calendar which consisted of a 260 day year, and the Haab' or Vague Year which has a 365 day year. Both systems have at their basis a cycle of 20 days. The Sacred Calendar dates back to the Olmec civilization. The Mayans used it in combination with the twenty named day However, the twenty days were ordered numerically in cycles of 13. Thus, the cycle starts 1-Imix, 2-Ik, 3-Akbal until 13-Ben. Then it would continue 1-Ix, 2-Men etc. The cycle finishes at 13 Ahau. See the names and meanings of the Mayan days below.

The 365 day Haab' calendar consisted of 18 months of 20 days and one shorter month of 5 days called Uayeb, an unlucky month. See the the names of the Mayan months below. The first day of the month was called its seating. For example, the numbering of the month of Zip went as follows: the Seating of Zip, 1-Zip, 2-Zip etc.

The two systems ran together so a certain day would have two names, its tzolk'in and its Haab' name. The first day of a cycle would be 1 Ixin Seating of Pop. The two cycles would go out of step and the cycle would only start again every 52 years, a Mayan 'century'.

The Mayans also had the Long Count Calendar which measured vast amounts of time. The Long Count Calendar is based on a 360 day year called a tun. Twenty tuns make a K'atun (7200 days) and twenty K'atuns make a b'ak'tun (144,000 days). Mayan glyphs Thirteen b'ak'tuns make a Great Cycle or a Sun. At the end of each Great Cycle, the Mayans believed that a huge catastrophe destroyed most of mankind and civilization needed to re-establish itself. At present, we are in the Fifth Sun which began on 11th August 3114 BC and will finish on 21st December 2012. The Mayans associated this date with new beginnings and re-birth, rather than endings such as the "end of the world".

Interestingly, Venus was seen as the bringer or strife, conflict and war. The rising and setting of Venus was seen as the most potent indicator of dark happenings. An eclipse was catastrophic.

For astrological purposes, the important information was which day you were born on. Priests and astrologers would consult the Book of Fate to find out information concerning the fate of the individual, the nation and religion. Because of the rotating calendar, people born at different times of the year could share the same birth symbol.

Here are some Mayan Calculations available online.

The Aztec system of astrology was similar but varied in the names of the days and on other details. See the the names of the Aztec (Nahua) days and months below.

1 Imix' Water Lily (New beginnings)
2 Ik' Wind (Versatility)
3 Ak'b'al Night (Spirituality)
4 K'an Corn (Abundance)
5 Chikchan The Snake (Transformation)
6 Kimi Death (Death)
7 Manik' Hand (Opportunities)
8 Lamat Venus (Trouble)
9 Muluk Water (Purification)
10 Ok Dog (Loyalty)
11 Chuwen The Monkey (Sexuality)
12 Eb' Tooth/Evil Rain (Small problems)
13 B'en Green Maize (Potential)
14 Ix Jaguar (Shadow self)
15 Men The Eagle (Vision)
16 K'ib' Soul/Conch Shell/Wax (Flexibility)
17 Kab'an Earth (Solid Grounding)
18 Etz'nab' Flint (Decision)
19 Kawak Storm (Change)
20 Ajau Lord (Power)
1 Pop Mat
2 Wo Frog
3 Sip Stag
4 Sotz' Bat
5 Sec Skull
6 Xul End
7 Yaxk'in Green Sun
8 Mol Reunion
9 Ch'en Well
10 Yax Green
11 Sak White
12 Keh Deer
13 Mak Cover
14 K'ank'in Yellow Sun
15 Muwan Owl
16 Pax Music
17 K'ayab' Turtle
18 Kumk'u Dark God
Extra unlucky 5 days:
1 Cipactli Crocodile
2 Ehecatl Wind
3 Calli House
4 Cuetzpalin Lizard
5 Coatl Snake
6 Miquiztli Death
7 Mazatl Deer
8 Tochtli Rabbit
9 Atl Water
10 Itzcuintli Dog
11 Ozomahtli Monkey
12 Malinalli Grass
13 Acatl Reed
14 Ocelotl Jaguar
15 Cuauhtli
16 Cozcacuauhtli Vulture
17 Ollin Movement/Earthquake
18 Tecpatl Stone Knife
19 Quiahuitl Rain
20 Xochitl Flower
1 Atlacauallo Departure of Water
2 Tlacaxipehualiztli Flaying of Men
3 Tozoztontli Little Vigil
4 Hueytozoztli Great Vigil
5 Toxcatl Dryness
6 Etzalcualiztli Meal of Corn and Beans
7 Tecuilhuitontli Small Feast of the Lords
8 Hueytecuilthuitli Great Feast of the Lords
9 Miccailhuitontli Little Feast of the Dead
  OR: Tlaxochimaco Birth of Flowers
10 Hueymiccailhuitl Great Feast of the Dead
  OR: Xocotlhuetzin Fall of Fruit
11 Ochpaniztli Sweeping of the Roads
12 Pachtontli Small Hay
  OR: Teoleco Return of the Gods
13 Hueypachtli Big Hay
  OR: Tepeihuitl Feast of the Gods
14 Quecholli Precious Feather/Flamingo
15 Panquetzaliztli Raising of the Banners
16 Atemoztli Lowering of Water
17 Tititl Stretching
18 Izcalli Resurrection
Extra unlucky 5 days:
Empty Days

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