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Divination Using Dominoes

Dominoes The oldest known dominoes date from 2200 years ago in China. In China, dice developed into dominoes. Each domino shows two throws of the dice. Chinese domino sets have 21 tiles. The Chinese domino tiles have names such as Heaven (Tiān or Tin, 6-6), Plum Flower (Méi or Mooi, 5-5), Man (Rén or Yan, 4-4), Long (Cháng or Cheung, 3-3), Board (Bǎn or Ban, 2-2) and Earth (Dì or Dei, 1-1). Dominoes arrived in Europe in the eighteenth century. Blanks were added to European sets to make the total number of tiles 28.

The tiles are also known as bones, cards, tiles, tickets, stones, or spinners. The reserve of dominoes is often called the boneyard. The highest tile is double six, and the lowest tile is double blank.

Domino Reading

Thre are three methods:

  • Spread all the dominoes face down and shuffle them thoroughly. Draw three tiles out.
  • Spread all the dominoes face down and shuffle them thoroughly. Draw one tile out and put aside. Shuffle the remaining tiles again. Draw another tile out and put aside. Shuffle. Draw the final tile.
  • Spread all the dominoes face down and shuffle them thoroughly. Draw one tile out and then put back into the remaining tiles. Shuffle the tiles again. Draw another tile out and then put back into the remaining tiles. Shuffle. Draw the final tile. This method may result in a tile being drawn two or even three times. If this happens then the reading will come about very quickly.


The Meanings of the Dominoes

Six - Six This is the most fortunate domino in the set. This domino promises success and happiness in every area of your life.
Six - Five help coming from a close friend or acquaintance, however you will still need patience and perseverance to succeed. A kind action will bring you great regard.
Six - Four All the signs point to an argument, perhaps even a lawsuit, with an unsuccessful outcome.
Six - Three You are going to travel, or a journey will affect your life. A holiday will be happy, and a journey may bring a gift.
Six - Two Excellent luck is coming your way and your situation will improve. But this domino is only lucky if you remain honest.
Six - One There will be an end to your problems. A good friend will help you overcome your problems. A wedding is foretold.
Six - Blank Be careful of false friends or a deceitful person. Gossip could cause you some unhappiness.
Five - Five Changes are coming your way which will bring success. A move to a new place is possible where you will be happy, or there will be the chance for you to make money from a new idea.
Five - Four Profits and unexpected good fortune in financial matters, but don't take any big risks - it is not a good time for speculation.
Five - Three This domino indicates that you will get some good news or helpful advice from a visitor or from your boss.
Five - Two A patient and tolerant friend will have an influence on your life. A birth is indicated.
Five - One You will soon meet a new love interest or a new friend. But tread carefully or else things may end unhappily for those in love.
Five - Blank There will be some sadness and you will have to give comfort to a friend in trouble. Be very careful about what you choose to say.
Four - Four This domino points to happiness, joy and relaxation. There may be a party in a big building.
Four - Three Although you expect to encounter problems and disappointments, instead you find happiness and success.
Four - Two A change for the worse is indicated - setbacks, losses or maybe even a robbery. Someone you know is deceitful - be careful!
Four - One Financial problems lie ahead - pay any outstanding debts now to avoid trouble in the future.
Four - Blank Bad news is on its way. A love affair may turn out to be disappointing, or something you want could be postponed. Do your best to reconcile an argument.
Three - Three This domino predicts troubles in your emotional life - jealousy or distress. But money is well favoured.
Three - Two Fortunate changes are coming your way but you still need to be cautious just now in your financial affairs.
Three - One The answer to the question in your mind is 'no'. Some useful but surprising news is on its way. Outsiders may cause unhappiness for you.
Three - Blank This domino is not a good omen, and you could experience unexpected problems both at home and at work.
Two - Two You will get what you want. Business success and personal happiness are predicted, but enemies might try to spoil it for you.
Two - One Financial problems and maybe a loss of money or property are indicated, but this domino is good for social life and old friends.
Two - Blank You will travel and meet new friends. But someone could cause difficulties for you.
One - One Harmony and affection are predicted, and a stranger could be involved. Don't postpone making an important decision.
One - Blank A stranger or outsider will bring some interesting news that could mean financial gain, but don't be too trusting.
Blank - Blank This is the unluckiest domino in the set. The double blank will have a negative effect on all your activities. Wait until you get over your present difficulties before embarking on something new.

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