Numerology has been around as long as mankind has known how to count. It is a world-wide phenomenon that dates back thousands of years. Numerology also goes by the names numeromancy and arithomancy.

The Hebrews developed the Kabbalah using the numbers from 1 to 22 which corresponded to the letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The Ancient Chinese believed that "the sum total of heavenly numbers and earthly numbers is 55. It is this...which sets the gods and demons in movement."

Modern numerology is based on the teachings of Pythagoras, a philospher of Ancient Greece in the 6th century BC. He wrote a treatise on mathematics from a religious and philosophical perspective. But Pythagoras only used the numbers from 1 to 9 as zero was not yet a concept known to the Ancient Greeks. Pythagoras also related numbers to the letters of the Greek alphabet, alpha being 1, beta 2 etc.

Chaldean numerology is older than Pythagoras, and does not include the number nine when converting the letters to numbers, although the number 9 can occur as the final sum.

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Basic Meanings of the Numbers
Basic Meanings of the Secondary and Master Numbers
The Birth Number
The Current Year Number
The Name Number
The Fate Number
The House Number
Lottery Numbers

Basic Meanings of Numbers

1 The Innovator. Unity, ego, synthesis, strength, creativity, ambition, action, ruthlessness. People with this number can be tyrants or great leaders.
2 The Integrator. Polarity, duality, choice, ambivalence. People with this number are gentle, sensitive, artistic and intuitive. Sometimes they may be deceitful and prone to depression.
3 The Achiever. Action, divine triangle of Heaven/Man/Earth, the Holy Trinity (God, Son, Holy Ghost), Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva. People with this number are talented, disciplined and energetic, although they often like to run the show.
4 The Realist. Worldly things, stability, order, the four seasons, the four directions. People with this number are steady, practical and realistic. Because they have the ability to see everything from the opposite point of view they can seem rebellious and unconventional.

5 The Communicator. Expansion, the five senses. People with this number are lively, pleasure-seeking, quick-thinking and quick-tempered.
6 The Peacemaker. Creativity, the abstract, beauty, harmony, imagination. People with this number are reliable and romantic. They hate discord and strive to create harmony in their homes.
7 The Magician. Spirituality. People with this number are philosophical and spiritual, intuitive and often introverted and original thinkers.
8 The Entrepreneur. Worldly success, but ups and downs in the search for balance. People with this number are intense and deep, with great willpower and individuality. They can be rebellious and keep their deep feelings hidden under a cold exterior.
9 The Crusader. Perfection.People with this number are determined, courageous and active, although they usually have to struggle for success. Although argumentative, number 9 people are great humanitarians.

Basic Meanings of the Secondary and Master Numbers

Some numbers higher than 9 are considered to have great significance. These numbers are 11, 12, 13, 22, 33 and 40. Many numerologists only consider 11 and 22 out of these secondary numbers. The meanings of the secondary numbers can added to those of the primary numbers above to add more depth.

Secondary Numbers

10 A number indicating the completion of a karmic cycle. A fortunate number.
12 A number of completeness.
13 A number associated with ill fortune, hard work, limitations or restrictions.
14 A number indicating emotional and mental upsets, delays or setbacks. The path of indulgence. Issues involving the abuse of freedom.
16 A number associated with emotional aloofness, intellectualising and withdrawal. Issues involving the abuse of love.
19 A number indicating selfishness, dependence, laziness and aggression. Issues involving the abuse of power.
40 Completeness.

Master Numbers

11 Spiritual awareness and a drive to serve others altruistically.
22 Master Builder. Completeness, spirituality and a willingness to pass on knowledge onto others.
33 Healing love. Visionary and mystical whilst serving others.
44 Material and spiritual power.
55 Power of new thought forms.
66 Cosmic love.
77 Spiritual energy.
88 Power and material reform.
99 Universal compassion and love.

Your Birth Number

Add up the numbers of your date of birth. Let's take, for example, a fictitious person born on 22 May 1970 would add up (2+2)+5+(1+9+7+0)=4+5+8 which gives 17. Then add 1+7, giving 8. Number 8 is therefore your birth number. This shows the numerical influence at birth. This reveals your natural characteristics and personality traits.

Your Current Year Number

To find out the numerical influence of the current year, add together the numbers of your birthday this year. The example above would be 22 May 2001, (2+2)+5+(2+0+0+1)=12, 12 further reduces to 3. So the numerical influence for this year would be 3. This influence begins on the birthday and continues through to the birthday in the following year.

1 New beginnings. Great new opportunities start developing. Time to be assertive and daring!
2 Forming relationships/partnerships and finding balance within those relationships. Waiting for the new beginnings of last year to develop. Patience is necessary this year!
3 Action and expansion. A social year which may include celebrations, reunions, even fame. Changes occur this year in the work arena, housing and even relationships. Secrets and hidden issues come are revealed.
4 Stability and organising. Cleaning up all the loose ends and working hard. This is also the time to build up your financial base. Can be a time of legal problems.
5 Major changes and upheavals. Freedom from routine and the unexpected. Communication and travel are highlighted, and changes in housing or work. However be careful not to be too impulsive.
6 Emphasis on home and family and love, with perhaps changes occurring in the home. Responsibilities and duty both at work and with the family. This is a good year for births and marriages.
7 Retreat and introspection. A good time for all kinds of studies. Spiritual and psychic matters are important this yearThis year may bring emotional upheavals.
8 This year brings great opportunities for financial and material success but it also many ups and downs with it. This is the year for your fame and fortune. It is a year when you will be recognised for your achievements.
9 End of the cycle. Time to leave outworn things behind and look to the future. Get rid of any possessions, people or situations that are needlessly holding you back. You need to clear out your life so that the path is clear for new directions and beginnings.

Your Name Number

To find your name number, convert the letters of your name to numbers using the table below. You should work with the name you are normally known by, not necessarily your full formal name. A name number reveals acquired, developed traits.


Let's say this fictitious person is called Jenny Doe.
Her name number is calculated:
JENNY 1+5+5+5+7=23=5
DOE 4+6+5=15=6
Therefore Jenny Doe's name number is 2.

If Jenny was to start using her full name, Jennifer, the name number would change to 6:
JENNIFER 1+5+5+5+9+6+5+9=45=9
DOE 4+6+5=15=6

Your Name Number: Inner Personality

Add up the numbers associated with the vowels in the name. This number reveals your inner, private personality.

JENNY DOE --> -E--Y -OE becomes 5+7+6+5=23=5

Therefore her private personality is ruled by the number 5.

Your Name Number: Outer Personality

Add up the numbers associated with the consonants in the name. This number reveals your outer, public face.

JENNY DOE --> J-NN- D-- becomes 1+5+5+4=15=6

Therefore her public persona is ruled by the number 6.

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Your Fate Number

To find your fate number, add together your birth number and your name number. In Jenny Doe's case, this would be 8+2=10=1. Jenny Doe's number of fate is the number 1. This number provides information about your life lesson and is linked to karma.

Your House Number

1 Residents in this house are developing self-reliance and are individuals to the point of quarrelling with the neighbours.
2 Residents in this house are working on relationships and finding harmony in their life.
3 Residents in this house are looking for fun times and variety. Very outgoing.
4 Residents in this house are looking to improve their house and their lives in practical hands-on ways. Many number 4 houses are home businesses.
5 Residents in this house like variety and plenty of activities going on, not a quiet house.
6 Residents in this house are family-oriented and domestic harmony is their goal.
7 Residents in this house are more likely to be studying or introverted.
8 Residents in this house are striving for wealth but also need to work hard for balance in their lives. Many children arrive unexpectedly in this house.
9 Residents in this house are intellectual and music plays an important part in this home. Many start ambitious new projects in a number 9 house. This house number brings good fortune.

Lottery Numbers

I am constantly asked about winning numbers. If it was that easy to choose the winning numbers then every psychic who claims to do so would have won years ago and wouldn't need to work now. Frankly, if it is your fate to win, you will win through a combination of the right circumstances plus a few unlikely coincidences. It wouldn't matter whether you were a regular player or only played one time only.

So nothing is guaranteed by the following randomly generated numbers. That is because winning depends on your own personal luck and fate.

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