Divination Using Dice

Astralagi The oldest known dice date from 5000 years ago in the area of modern-day Iran. Dice originated from astralagi or knuckle bones (4 sides). Knucklebones in Roman times were called tali. They were numbered I, III, IV and VI. Four tali were thrown at a time. The best throw possible was Venereus or Basilicus where I, III, IV and VI were thrown. The worst possible throw was Canes or Canicula which was I, I, I, I. Six-sided dice were called tesserae. In China, dice developed into dominoes.

Modern dice usually have six sides. However, some modern gaming dice can have many many sides. The word "die" is the singular of dice, although the term die is rarely used.

In Asia the dice traditionally have a slightly different appearance. The Asian dice usually have the one-spot and the four-spot coloured red. The Asian one spot is larger to equal the weight of the spots on the other faces. In addition, the groups of dots are often centered more closely together instead of spread over the entire face of the die.

Western Dice

Western Dice - One Spot Western Dice - Three Spot Western Dice - Four Spot

Asian Dice

Asian Dice - One Spot Asian Dice - Three Spot Asian Dice - Four Spot

You can use one, two or three dice together for fortune telling purposes. It is most common to use three dice. Draw a circle of roughly 20 cm (about 8 inches in diameter) and roll the dice. Some readers consider the reading null and void if any of the dice roll out of the circle. Others ascribe special meanings to the dice that fall outside the circle. Others ignore the dice outside the circle, only considering the sum of the dice inside the circle.

If you decide that if the dice fall outside the circle then the reading is null and void:

  • Any Dice falling outside the circle Argument to come.
  • Any Dice that fall on the floor You are in danger of losing a friend.

If you choose to count the dice that fall outside the circle then:

  • One Dice falling outside the circle Difficulties or an upset.
  • Two Dice falling outside the circle Arguments or disagreements.
  • Three Dice falling outside the circle Luck or a wish to come true.
  • Any Dice that fall on the floor Problems, worry or annoyance very soon.

Special sign:

  • Dice land one on top of the other You will soon receive a present of significance

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Throw the Dice and Consult the Meanings Below

Click on the button to throw the dice.
Be patient as each of the dice stops rolling one by one.

die die die

The Meanings of the Dice

ONE Family difficulties are coming.
TWO Look closely at situations, things may not be quite what they seem.
THREE Expect pleasant surprises in the very near future. Your circumstances will change without warning and very soon.
FOUR A setback or some unpleasantness will disappoint you. Expect arguments or a disagreement. An unpleasant surprise.
FIVE A stranger or a surprise brings you happiness. Plans come to fruition. Unexpected information or assistance. A new friendship.
SIX Misfortune and loss. A friend may ask a favour of you.
SEVEN You become the victim of gossip or scandal. Possible difficulties in business or money trouble. You will be presented with a difficult matter to solve. A new romance.
EIGHT Take it slow. Do not act in haste or you may regret it. Recklessness may lead to difficulty or distress. A gift of clothing will be received.
NINE Success in love and reconciliations. A marriage or union with implications for you. A gambling win.
TEN This is a time of birth and new beginnings. Success is about to come your way in career and money matters. A legal action will involve you.
ELEVEN Short-term illness gives you some grief. A parting causes you sorrow. A trip for entertainment. A death may concern you.
TWELVE A message of importance will soon arrive, but seek advice if you are dealing with legal documents. A large sum of money to be received.
THIRTEEN A period of unhappiness. Disappointment or misery if you pursue current situation. Do not give in to self-pity or it will cause more problems.
FOURTEEN New friends bring excitement into your life. You will receive unexpected assistance from someone close. A new love or admirer.
FIFTEEN Follow your intuition about false friends. Do not be drawn into trouble by others. Begin no new projects for a few days.
SIXTEEN A short trip turns out to be both fun and profitable.
SEVENTEEN A change in plans may soon be necessary. Other people may have good advice to give, even strangers. Dealings with a person or persons from afar. Dealings with or on water.
EIGHTEEN Success, a wish will be obtained. You can expect happiness, financial success and a rise in status.

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