Geomantic Techniques according to Franz Hartmann

Franz Hartmann offers an alternative method to setting up a geomantic theme or chart. He associates different astrological signs to the geomantic figures and he has a different method of calculating the Judge or the Indicator. He also outlines the basics of Astronomical Geomancy. His book Geomancy appeared in 1889 and again in 1913. Although never that popular, his methods give an alternative that some follow.

The Associations

The folowing are the associations of the geomantic figures to the astrological signs according to Franz Hartmann.

Geomantic FigureAstrological SignGeomantic FigureAstrological Sign
ConjunctioVirgo CarcerPisces
Fortuna MajorAquariusFortuna MinorTaurus
LaetitiaTaurus TristitiaAquarius
AlbusCancer RubeusGemini
Caput DraconisVirgoCauda DraconisSagittarius

The Chart

Franz Hartmann gives the Agrippa's method for placing the figures into the chart. The Mothers go into the 1st, 10th, 7th and 4th Houses (the angular houses). The Daughters go into the 2nd, 11th, 8th and 5th Houses (the succedent houses). The Nephews (Nieces) go into the 3rd, 7th, 9th and 6th Houses (the cadent houses).

He then places the astrogical sign related to each geomantic figure all around the outside of the chart. Inside each house alongside the the geomantic figure, he places the associated planetary sign for each figure.

The Judge of the Indicator

Hartmann constructs the figures by drawing a random line of dots or punctuation either on paper or in sand. If the line has an odd number of dots it gives a single point for one of the lines of the geomantic figure (these lines are used to create the four Mothers).

If the line has an even number of dots it gives a double point for one of the lines of the geomantic figure. All of these many dots or punctuation that have been drawn are also used to calculate the Judge or Indicator.

Add all the dots or punctuation together and divide by 12. The remainder indicates the house where the Judge or Indicator is found.

Astronomical Geomancy by Gerhard of Cremona

Use four lines of dots to create the first geomantic figure. The astrological sign associated with this figure is then placed into the first house. This sign is the Ascendant. Fill the rest of the houses from 1 to 12 following on from the sign in the first house. For example if the first house contains Aquarius, then the second house will contain Pisces, the third house Aries, etc.

Write another four lines of dots. Add together all the points written and divide by 12. The remainder indicates the house where the Sun is to be placed.

Repeat this method for the Moon. Then do the same for Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, North Node then finally South Node. Note that the order of the planets is different than the usual order.

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