The Inkblot Oracle

"In the early 1920's, the Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach was inspired to develop his famous inkblot test from a popular European parlour game Inkblot called Klexographie. The game involved creating interesting images out of spilled ink and folded paper. The paper was then passed around, and each person told a story based upon what he thought he saw in the image. One person might see a snake and feel apprehensive. Another might see a heart and feel romantic. You see, no two people see exactly the same thing in an inkblot. We view the image through our inner eye. Like the parlour game, the Klexographie oracle can unlock the wisdom of your inner voice – that primal part of you that knows the answers but doesn't always speak loudly enough for you to hear. The images presented in this Oracle are all actual inkblots, nothing computer generated."

"The Klexographie Oracle works in a similar way to readings with tea leaves, coffee grounds, fireplace ashes, candle wax, and the like.

To begin, think about your question. Then click the "Start" button, choose whether you want a black or multi-coloured inkblot, and gaze upon the resulting image. The symbols and patterns you see will shed light upon your question. You may see multiple pictures within one inkblot. Do they tell a story? No need to over-analyse what you see. Trust your initial responses to the images. This oracle speaks to your intuition, so allow your inner wisdom to pour forth. If you are uncertain of how the picture illustrates your answer, or if you require additional insight, perform a second inkblot reading."

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