Tarot Cards in French, Italian and Latin

0The FoolLe MatIl MattoScurra
1The MagicianLe BateleurIl BagattoMagus
2The High PriestessLa PapesseLa PapessaAntistita/Pāpissa
3The EmpressL'Imp�ratriceL'ImperatriceImperātrix
4The EmperorL'EmpereurL'ImperatoreImperātor
5The HierophantLe PapeIl PapaAntistes/Pāpa
6The LoversLes AmoureuxGli AmantiAmantēs
7The ChariotLe ChariotIl CarroCurrus
8Justice*La JusticeLa GiustiziaIūstitia
9The HermitL'ErmiteL'EremitaHomō sōlitārius
10The Wheel of FortuneLa Roue de FortuneLa Ruota della FortunaRota fortūnae
11Strength*La ForceLa ForzaVīrēs
12The Hanged ManLe PenduL'AppesoHōmo suspensus
13DeathLa MortLa MorteMors
14TemperanceLa Temp�ranceLa TemperanzaTemperantia
15The DevilLe DiableIl DiavoloDiabolus
16The TowerLa TourLa TorreTurris/Domus Deī
17The StarL'�toileLa StellaStēlla
18The MoonLa LuneLa LunaLūna
19The SunLe SoleilIl SoleSōl
20JudgementLe JugementIl GiudizioIūdicium
21The WorldLe MondeIl MondoMundus

*In the Rider Waite Tarot (1909) these cards are reversed, ie. Card 8 is Strength and Card 11 is Justice. This was done by Waite to make them better fit with the astrological correspondences worked out by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

**Unconfirmed. If you can make any suggestions/corrections, please contact me.

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