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Coffee Reading

The art of divination from coffee first appeared in the Ottoman Empire, and then spread geographically over time. There are many different types of coffeee readings and interpretations of symbols, as well as rules on how to read from the coffee grounds. Below I give the what I believe are the most accurate rules and interpretations.


-The one who reads the coffee cup needs to do it in his/her own home.

-It is not desirable to read the same person's coffee cup repeatedly during the week.

-Never add an extra amount of coffee, water or grounds in your cup before reading. Also, don't rotate the cup several times, in order to have more figures in it. It is most convenient to fold it with the sauces and then turn it down in one move. Once you have done this, wait for at least 10 minutes to dry the ground before the reading.

-Only one person is permitted to read the cup and the same one has to finish the whole thing on their own.

-While someone is reading your cup, it is not advisable to interrupt the person with your questions, so you can unconsciously suggest things and distract him in the wrong direction.

-After reading, one or three wishes are usually made by pressing your finger in the cup.

-The optimal coffee reading period is from 10 to 15 minutes.


LINES - Vertical lines are your goals in life. The bigger and darker the line is the better the outcome gets. If the line reaches the rim of the cup, it is considered auspicious for that goal. All straight lines or paths show a clear plan with specific goals whereas the wavy or broken lines mean uncertainty.

DOTS - A group of black dots means that you might receive money soon. Some also interpret these dots as messages you will receive soon.

TRIANGLE - Change is coming to your life

CIRCLE - Overall success

SQUARE - Comfort and peace

Y - Crossroads, options in decisions, or help coming from a friend

? - Question you want answered, concern. If the question mark has the dot, your question will be answered and if it doesn't uncertainty will remain

! - Danger, excitement

: - Good luck

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