Czech, Afrikaans and Welsh

0The FoolBl�zenGekY Ffŵl
1The MagicianM�gTowenaarY Swynwr/Y Siwglwr
2The High PriestessVeleknĕžkaHo� priesteres Yr Archoffeiriades/Y Babes
3The EmpressC�sařKeiserinYr Ymerodres
4The EmperorC�sařKeiserYr Ymerawdwr
5The HierophantVeleknĕžHo� priester/OpperpriesterY Pab
6The LoversMilenciVerliefdesY Carwyr
7The ChariotVůzStrydwaY Cerbyd Rhyfel
9The HermitPoustnevn�kKluisenaarY Meudwy
10The Wheel of FortuneKolo Štĕst�GelukswielOlwyn Ffawd
12The Hanged ManViselecOpgehangde manY Dyn Crogi/Y Bradwr
15The Devil�belDuiwelY Diafol
16The TowerVĕžToringY Tŵr/Y Tân
17The StarHvĕzdaSterY Seren
18The MoonMĕsicMaanY Lleuad
19The SunSlunceSonYr Haul
20JudgementSoudBeoordelingDyfarniad/Yr Angel
21The WorldSvĕtW�reldY Byd

*In the Rider Waite Tarot (1909) these cards are reversed, ie. Card 8 is Strength and Card 11 is Justice. This was done by Waite to make them better fit with the astrological correspondences worked out by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

**Unconfirmed. If you can make any suggestions/corrections, please contact me.

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