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Runes, an art that deserves to be famous

When we talk about Celtic runes, we can see that many people have not heard about it. It is likely because many see Astrology as the star of fortune telling and Tarot reading comes in second position. But after that, runes are not as well known, and certainly not in the USA. In Ireland and U.K. it is a little bit different because Celtic influence is still a reality. For example, we can hear some words with roots still connected to old Celtic. Even if the Futhark alphabet is not used anymore, some words coming from it are still used, even in English.

The Futhark alphabet

This is the base of runes reading. We can see on each rune one letter of the Futhark alphabet. Each one has a significance and each one associates to others, and gives some answers in fortune telling.

How to use it?

The best option, if possible, is to have some real runes because being able to touch it is important and will improve the reading. We usually spread a Celtic cross but a simple cross is a good way to start. The draw will always be more accurate with a cross because each rune means something. This way is best because it gives an idea of what will happen in the future, but also allows to situate the draft in time. When we use readings it is always nice to be able to know when things could happen. The other important aspect is signification. There are now many types of psychic readings without good interpretation. Based on the Futhark alphabet, we know that each letter makes rune readings accurate because of the fact that there are very few chances to make mistakes. Why? Because this reading doesn't allow much space for imagination or varying interpretations. In that way, it is more accurate. And that is why it is so surprising to not see runes being used more in fortune telling. Maybe there is still a learning curve. But this tool gives so much that we can not longer afford to go without this art. It is also accurate because we can go straight to the answers with it. If we look only at astrology we notice that it can be easy to lose our way. Be sure to visit Serena Rune Casts and Readings for free and easy online readings.

Who can do it?

Everyone! And that is very good. As long as we have a good interpretation of the Futhark alphabet, everything is possible. Click here for a full description on how to use runes in divination.

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