Zich Nethśrac Rasnal (Etruscan Oracle)

The Etruscan Oracle
Zich Nethśrac Rasnal

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Where You Are In Life

The goddess Phersipnai (Greek: Persephone, Roman: Proserpina) symbolises change, initiation, confrontation of one's fears, turning point, change, rebirth, mystery, magic, divination, fertility, sexuality, new beginnings and prophecy.

Your Primary Thoughts

This Rune symbolises material things, outer beauty versus inner worth, keeping up a façade, the self.

What You Desire

The goddess Thesan (Greek: Eos, Roman: Aurōra) symbolises healing, fertility, new beginnings, birth, growth, conception, plenty and clearance.

Your Goals

This Rune symbolises work, productivity, money, bounty, community, balance, protection, assistance, defence, support, a mentor, business and finance, group, union, alliance. The city.

Your Future Deeds

The god Tinia (Greek: Zeus, Roman: Iuppiter) symbolises recognition, success, reward, joy, bliss, contentment, achievement of goals, sudden change.

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