Zich Nethśrac Rasnal (Etruscan Oracle)

The Etruscan Oracle
Zich Nethśrac Rasnal

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The Distant Past

The goddess Menrva (Greek: Athena, Roman: Minerva) symbolises change, birth, justice, winning by clever strategy, war, healing, sexuality, new beginnings and prophecy.

The Recent Past

The godlike warrior hero Hercle (Greek: Herakles, Roman: Herculēs) symbolises motion, transportation, a call for divine aid, energy, power, communication, will, recklessness.

The Present

This Rune symbolises joy, creativity, the arts and music, cooking, partying and socialising.

Near Future

The goddess Thesan (Greek: Eos, Roman: Aurōra) symbolises healing, fertility, new beginnings, birth, growth, conception, plenty and clearance.

Distant Future

The god Usil (Greek: Helios, Roman: Sōl) symbolises symbolises success, positive energy, increase, power, activity, fertility and health.

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