Zich Nethśrac Rasnal (Etruscan Oracle)

The Etruscan Oracle
Zich Nethśrac Rasnal

Your Loving Cup Cast
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The Current State of Things

Aiser symbolises the unknowable power of the gods, fate, karma, the inevitable. Influences are entirely out of your control. You can only surrender to the will of the gods and trust in fate.

Your Lover's Current Position

Etera symbolises duty, symbolises discontentment, self-sacrifice, obstacles, poverty, hardship, responsibility, impasse and frustration.

Nature of Your Issue

Phersipnai reversed: Reveals guilty secrets, danger through ill-timed or hasty action.

Desires in Relation to Your Question
Cel Ati

Cel Ati reversed shows that what you have achieved may slip through your fingers.

Your Lover's Desires

The god Nethuns (Greek: Poseidon, Roman: Neptūnus) symbolises motion, transportation, travel (especially overseas), a call for divine aid, energy, power, communication, will, recklessness. A sea change.

Challenges Which May Arise for You

This Rune symbolises tradition and learning, religion and magical knowledge. Writing, contracts and law. Communication via letter, fax or email.

Challenges Which May Arise for Your Lover

The God Charun (Greek: Charon, Roman: Charōn) symbolises disaster and destruction, a sudden loss, ordeal, clearance, a testing time, a karmic lesson, a drastic change.

The Future Outcome (To be read in tandem with the Rune below)

Warns that careful consideration avoids wrong decisions or inappropriate actions.

The Future Outcome (To be read in tandem with the Rune above)

This Rune symbolises property, land, inheritance, home, the family name, legacy, synthesis, sense of belonging, conflict between the interests of the self and the interests of others.

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