Your Tetraktys Spread
Your Tetraktys Spread
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The Fire Card represents your creative force, will, and ambition.

Knight of Coins Reversed

Stagnation mixed with a dull, timid and indolent nature.



The Air Card Your current strategies and thoughts concerning your goals

Libra Reversed

Libra reversed denotes a lack of fairness, imbalance.



The Water Card explores your emotional self.

Strength Reversed

Strength reversed may denote decadence, failing health and need for change. Virtue is in jeopardy as is any chance for success or attaining your goals.



The Earth Card concerns how you dealing with everyday life.

Two of Cups Reversed

Folly, misunderstanding and false love are possible.



The Creator Card explores that which drives you in new directions.

">The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Chance is not presently favorable. Loss is possible and bravery is required. Beware of impulsiveness and unwarranted risks.



The Sustainer Card depicts that which helping you remain balanced and healthy.

The Hanged Man Reversed

The reversed Hanged Man represents a preoccupation with the worldly and wasted energy. This is the card of false prophecy and time wasted.



The Destroyer Card identifies that which must be jettisoned, so you can move forward.


Amore reversed signifies bonds may be broken and fights and betrayals are likely. Tread carefully. Beware of bad choices and lingering too long in relationships that harm you.



The Light Card represents the cosmic force which is guiding you towards fulfillment.


Creativity and a love of home are the key elements of Cancer.



The Dark Card represents the cosmic reaction to your being.


Water is the card of hidden truths and emotions. It also calms and soothes and is basic to life. The Water card may denote a period of discovery, fulfillment through learning and the unraveling of mysteries.



The Premise represents the factors that form the the foundation for the entire spread.


Capricorn denotes a drive to succeed through a pragmatic approach to life.



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