Your Mandala Spread
Your Mandala Spread
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Your Self Overall


WHile Gemini always has its duality to keep under control, it does manage to bring both humor and intelligence into any situation.

Your Ambitions, Desires and Primal Urges

Page of Coins Reversed

Loss and overindulgence. Preoccupation with worldly possessions. Bad news may be on the horizon.

Your Ideals, Goals, Path to Spiritual Contentment

Fame Reversed

The card represents the failure to find happiness, disenchantment, and the loss of possessions.

Your Real Accomplishments and True Path

The Eastern Emperor

The qualities of The Emperor include the ability to lead and wield power. He is paternal and mentally quick, spiritually complete as well.

Your Dependencies, Addictions and Erroneous Values

Three of Coins

Material fortunes grow. Crafts or arts are mastered.

Your Strengths and Positive Personality Traits

Three of Cups

Good luck and success are possible. Pleasure is likely.

Your Faults and Weaknesses

The Devil

This card represents the dark forces in the world, misuse of power, depression and addiction to the material world. Beware of The Devil in you and do not allow him to gain control.

Your Self Awareness and Self-Image

Six of Cups

Happiness and joy come from the past. New friendships, ventures and knowledge are possible.

Your Desires, and Higher Purpose


Creativity and a love of home are the key elements of Cancer.

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