Your Birthday Spread
Your Birthday Spread
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Your Present Position in the World

Three of Cups

Good luck and success are possible. Pleasure is likely.

Your Goals for the Next Year

Four of Cups

A period of rest in your life and dissatisfaction with material gains. Re-evaluation of your goals.

That Which Empowers You

Ace of Swords

The triumph of power and will. Emotions are felt strongly. Great activity abounds. The heroic personality is near or soon to be born.

Powers You Need to Develop

The Chariot Reversed

The Chariot reversed may signify loss and failure. It may be a time to gather your strength for the battles ahead. Do not compromise your spiritual self.

Your Present Material Self

Death Reversed

This is the card of disastor, upheaval and stagnation.

Your Present Emotional State

Ace of Coins

Prosperity, pleasure and beauty can be realized.

Your Present Spiritual Self


Libra denotes justice and balance. That which should rightfully be shall be.

That Which Opposes You

Ten of Swords

Goals may be unmet. Plans are in jeopardy. Sorrow may be felt deeply. Be kind to those in need.

What You Need to Do to Realize Your Goals

Four of Coins

Financial gain, success and worldly power seem assured, but lack any higher meaning.

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