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Your Present Situation

Cuatro de Espadas

Sickness and being laid up in bed. Small suffering. Look close to you for the important element.

The Cause of Your Conflicts and Obstacles

Caballo de Copas

Beware of an unstable person.

The Changes You Need to Make to Face Your Challenges

Siete de Espadas

This card brings sorrow, tears and heartache. Anger and arguments flare up. Expect opposition and disagreements. A lawsuit.

Your Strengths

Siete de Bastos

The countryside or the seaside as well as agricultural matters. A city or town. The environment around you influences you.

Other Challenges

Seis de Copas

A love affair starts, bringing love and passion into your life.

The Final Outcome

Caballo de Espadas

A sociable person or drinker. A visitor. A husband.

Other Influences are factors that may effect your spread or even have effects beyond the boundaries of this reading.
2 Sevens indicate you are going to have fun soon. If they are both red, your fun will come in the arena of love.
2 Queens in your reading indicate you should be aware of idle chat and gossip.

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