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Obi Abata

Obi Abata, or Obi Obata, is particularly well-suited to answering yes/no questions.

Outside Africa, four pieces of coconut are often used, which are dropped from waist height. In Africa, it is usually performed using four kola nuts (obì àbàtà).

In Central and Latin America, it may be also be performed by using four cowrie shells). The shells are often shaved back on the convex side and thrown onto a board, or kept whole and simply jostled and held in the hand. The open or the light side is the side with the slit with "teeth" facing upwards. The closed or dark side is with the convex back facing upwards. In the Candomblé Ketu sect of Brazil, the opposite is valid, ie. the open or light side is the shaved-back convex side.

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